Your suggestions

Thanks for sending us your suggestions, we love receiving them all 💗

We are looking for suggestions that tell us what it is that makes you happy to do in the morning and how (if possible) we could make it happen. We want to create content with meaning for you.

  • Apple Watch integration
  • Personalized message in the mornings that can be shared
  • Morning motivational quotes through voice recordings
  • Choose where the song starts
  • Queue songs
  • Sleep tracker, analytics
  • Clear mode activated
  • Remove Morning for Notifications
  • Sleep Aid volume decrease at the end
  • Adherence of radio and liked songs playlist
  • Siri Shortcuts and Automations
In process
  • Podcast integration (support to Podcast on already existing Playlists on Spotify)
  • Multiple Alarms
  • Morning routine
  • Snooze options
  • Sleep Aid until the alarm sounds
  • Easy access to support
  • Personal account with Apple Sign In
  • Offline songs

Let us know yours! Through "talk with a human feature"