I used to be an Alarmify user

As a way to gift you back for having trusted us from the beginning, enjoy having a lifetime Premium subscription!

Redeem your Lifetime Premium Account:
  1. Install new version of Alarmify (Morning 4.0+)
  2. Sign up and close/dismiss Purchase Screen
  3. Press "Start" on "Alarm" Tab
  4. Press "Add new" button
  5. Disconnect Spotify Source if already connected (Swipe Left on Spotify Source)
  6. Connect the Spotify Source (Has to be the same as Alarmify one)
  7. A popup will appear saying: Lifetime Account Unlocked
  8. You are now a Lifetime Premium Member! 🎊
Everything is done inside Morning app, don't need to open Spotify.

  • Check our how to video πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

If you have any problem with this, contact us in Profile > Support > Talk with a human indicating your email attached to Spotify in order to verify information and be able to help you better.