Bluetooth & Speakers?

I have Speakers!

No matter the brand; If your phone connected to a speaker or headphone usually plays sound from apps, there should be no problem with Morning.

However, we are not compatible with all devices (we still do not know exactly why, we are working on it).

Check out:

  1. If your device resists being connected all night without needing a charge
  2. The quality of stability in the connection of your phone with the device.

We always recommend to put the iPhone alarm as a backup when you're trying-testing with the app

Want to connect with Bluetooth:

Bluetooth does not usually help the connection stability to be maintained. Remember that Morning must be connected to mobile data or WiFi for Morning to work with Spotify.

Try putting the alarm connected to Bluetooth in offline and test + Set a backup alarm (do not set them to sound at the same time, if you do this, Morning will not sound)