Snooze & Shuffle

  1. Snooze: Alarmify gives you the possibility to snooze and add a delay to the alarm for some minutes you define here.
  • Go to Alarmify Settings > Snooze Time > Choose time

👉 We recommend Snooze Time at 5 min

Have in mind:

Every time you tap on Snooze, the song will play from the beginning. If you chose a playlist, it will play a random song or the next song with shuffle turned off.

We work so that you can continue in the part that you paused.

  1. Shuffle: By default, if you set a playlist it will sound one random song of the playlist. However, if you want to make it sound in order you can deactivate it
  • Go to Alarmify Settings > Shuffle Music green box.

👉 If it's not necessary, we recommend to have it activate. To not be bored of the same song every day.

Tip: If you prefer to apply this for a single song, go directly by tapping the wheel icon that comes out next to the selected song name (video down below). If you want Snooze and Shuffle to apply for all and stay daily, do it as we indicated above.