What difference does it make to go Premium?

Alarmify 'Premium' is subscription service that will unlock a variety of features like these & more:

  • Feel at peace and at ease when you get up
  • Put aside the bitterness to hear your day begin
  • Start your day on the right foot
  • Notice how this small change can help you improve your days

Oh yes, also!

  • Waking up to your favorite music with no limits
  • Access to a direct assistance with our founder
  • Personal account with all your data synchronized

💡 Get a 3 day FREE trial on all our packages!

How does my subscription work?

You will have three payment options: Weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Get an early adopter subscription unmissable price! We plan to include several v e e r y exciting changes and it is possible that our prices change in the future. If you join now, we will keep the price for you.

  • We are planning to add more features through future updates. Keep in touch! 📆