How to set it up properly

Set it when you are sure that you won't use your phone anymore before it rings. This is necessary to ensure the app keeps running in the background.

According to iOS system it is technically imposible for users to know whether the app is alive in the background when it's in multi-tasking screen.

Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Set the time you want to wake up; tap on Start.
  2. Choose your favorite song/playlist (tap on add new if want to change a previously selected theme).
  3. After choosing (make sure you click over playlist/song name not picture) tap on Done.
  4. Plug your phone; then tap on Start.
  5. Lock your phone once you reach next screen.

This will allow you to enjoy from waking up with the beat 🤟🏼 🤟🏽 🤟🏾 *Our how to video down below*


  1. We recommend to set it up just before going to sleep!
  2. Is required to have a Spotify Premium account to fully enjoy the app, however, we will include offline options in our next update 🤗 Please stay tuned!
  3. You can use Do Not Disturb mode without problem. Alarm will rings with sound as normally.

If you continue having problems contact us immediately at support@vitalisapps.com. Don't forget to mention that you tried solutions from the FAQ already.


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