It didn't ring

When Alarmify is terminated in the background which means closed from the multi-tasking screen, alarm can't ring.

  • Why can't the alarm ring?

According to iOS policy, Alarmify cannot ring if the four conditions below:

  1. If Alarmify is terminated in the background, it cannot work as intended to.
  2. if it was not configured properly, check How to set it up properly
  3. If you do not have a Spotify Premium account
  4. We do not have the permission to send you notifications - sounds active.

  • I left it in the background and it didn't sound

Here are some examples of when Alarmify is terminated by iOS system.

  1. After OS is updated
  2. When low power mode is on. Charging the phone during sleep would help Alarmify stay alive in the background. Check Why should I keep the charger connected?
  3. After the device is rebooted.

Even so, according to the iOS system, it is technically impossible for users to know whether an app is alive in the background. That means seeing an app in the multi-tasking screen does not necessarily guarantee the app being alive.

  • Then what should I do?
  1. Please keep Alarmify alive in the background.
How? Do not swipe the app off from the multi-tasking screen *Screen shown when you swipe up from the bottom to the top of your screen*. If possible, it's best to swipe off other apps than Alarmify.
  1. Make sure notifications and sound alert is activated for Alarmify.
  • Go to - iPhone Setting > search Alarmify > tap on Notifications > Allow Notifications - Sounds>.

  • Have in mind

If you have small bugs or if they continue to occur after doing the above, try reinstalling.

  • Having Do Not Disturb active won't block Alarmify's sound.

If this didn't work, contact us a mail via: Settings > Support > Assistance - or - Send direct email to

Please include the comment that you tried solutions in the FAQ already. It is the fastest way to get a proper support and fix your issue ASAP!